A fully quarantined campus and first of its kind in India

SSS & its existence

Singh Sainik School has been established in 2020 keeping in mind the Corona Pandemic & the nationwide lockdown. The effect of this situation has made a huge difference in the regular studies of our children and has landed them on Edtech system i.e. studies through online application. The children are neither able to play nor able to get out of the houses. Keeping the situation, its impact & future uncertainty in mind Singh Sainik School has emerged as a fully quarantined residential campus programme where children will be able to study well, play sports, and undergo other extra-curricular activities because Children are the future of our nation and FUTURE must not be compromised.

Why are we unique?

  • The entire governance and administration of SSS is done by a young and enthusiastic Ex. Defence Officer. 
  • SSS follows strict discipline under military style training pattern. 
  • It is the first and one of its kind to be a fully quarantined residential campus.  
  • SSS feeds its cadets with high moral values along with excellent academics.

    Hence, it is a totally career oriented training establishment.

The matchless services

  • Development of officers like ‘Basic and Core’ qualities in the cadets.
  • Strict daily routine for cadets with 24×7 mentor attachment.
  • Ensures mental toughness and physical fitness.
  • Daily flag hoisting and national anthem.
  • Periodical rendezvous with Defence Forces Officers.
  • Healthy and nutritious diet for cadets with strict time-table.
  • Considering parents as an integral part of their child‘s education process, updating them regarding the child’s progress and also valuing their feedback.

Step wise-development of kid from class 2nd to 12th

  • From a 2nd class kid to a 12th class cadet, every student undergoes proper grooming and training during each academic session. There are different stages that categorize the transformation of cadets with each step.

Starting from the first stage “BASE BUILDING’’ each cadet attains the final stage “ULTIMATE” at the verge of passing class 12th.

What additional does SSS offer

  • Daily sessions of Aerobics, Yoga, Drill, Group Discussion and Extempore, keeping in view the overall personality development of cadets.
  • Special emphasis is on speaking English with right understanding of its grammar.
  • News, thought and speech delivering sessions in the morning assembly.
  • Brings out the patriot inside each cadet.
  • Yearly Academic Calendar is followed for grand activities.

Opportunities after Class 12th

With excellent academic facilities and periodical career counseling sessions, SSS ensures that each of its cadets is directed towards the path of his choice, interest, and capability, ultimately paving the way to a bright career after class 12th.

Here the cadet is ready to appear for the prestigious NDA examination as well as various other competitive examinations like Engineering, Medical, Civil Services, or Sports as per the own choice.

Why must you admit your kids to SSS

Admission @ SSS

Admission in Singh Sainik School is given from class 2nd to 12th  & admission for session 2020-2021 has started. Register online by clicking on this link.